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ChaiCo Variety Pack - (12 x 32 Oz. cartons)

ChaiCo Variety Pack - (12 x 32 Oz. cartons)

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Why buy one carton when you can have 4 of all the flavors? Experience chai like you've never before!

Want more cartons of one chai than another? Just let us know in the comments section!

Concentration: 1 part chai to 3 parts milk
Amount of Prepared chai made per carton: 128oz
Number of 12oz Servings per carton: 12.7
100% Organic
Gluten Free

Ingredients: an infusion of tea*, cardamom*, ginger*, cinnamon* and black pepper*. After steeping this chai is filtered and sweetened with evaporated cane juice* and then rounded off with a tiny bit of lemon juice concentrate*.

* Organic